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I SEE YOU. I stand with you.


During these times, it's all about appreciating what we have, giving back to those in need, and making change in any way we can. This is why I have chosen to donate my sales to Center for Racial Justice in Education and Armenia Fund. This past Holiday season, shelters were and still are more in need than ever. With those sales, we donated to the local Springfield community as well as the thousands of struggling people in Armenia as a result of the Artsakh War this past summer. All proceeds were split equally between purchasing art supplies for a local shelter and donating to Kooyrigs, an organization that provides meals, medical aid and clothes to those in need in Armenia. 

There are currently over 100,000 displaced families in Armenia following the Artsakh war amidst the pandemic. Money donations go much farther than item donations due to the difference in currency and pricing. They are currently in the midst of rebuilding what was destroyed. We as a nation are hurting in how many people are hungry, cold and without joy this holiday season. I would like to help spread joy with this continuous initiative, and would love for you to join me.  

Give a gift that gives back, speaks up, spreads awareness.

all proceeds from BLM stickers/shirts will be donated to and all proceeds from Support Armenia sales will go to  

#IllBeYourVoiceProject is about the equivalent importance of every single human being speaking out against the racism and injustice in our country, and specifically those who have been historically oppressed based on ethnicity or race . I often refer to my artwork that concerns the Armenian Genocide as "giving a voice to the voiceless." They are no longer here, but I am alive to carry on their stories and gain awareness of the ethnic cleansing and religious persecution that is still said to be untrue over 100 years later. As a descendant of oppressed people, it is important that I recognize injustice when I see it, stand up, support and use my voice. 

My goal  in this project is not to use one form of injustice to bring light to another; it is not to say that two events are the same; it is not to center myself in the movement. My goal is to use my lived experience and family history as a way to  see what I can do to help today.

my goal is to break the silence 


Using your lens:

Armenians can be visually racially ambiguous people- often being mistaken for other ethnicities. However,

 WE NOW live in a country where we are protected under White-privilege because our skin color is agreeable to the majority.

We need to use this privilege and heavily impactful voices as white-identifying people to speak up and be loud. Now is the time to spread the love that we live by in our Faith for which we were once persecuted.

If we are so passionate about the injustice that happened to our people, we need to be passionate about the injustice that is happening in front of our eyes today.  


Support your brothers and sisters. 

Lead by example. Use your voice.

This is the time for


"Your voice can change the world"

-barack obama

We don't choose how we were born, but we can choose what kind of humans we will become.

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