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About "To Artsakh"

The Story of a Humanitarian Crisis Told Through Art.

Pashinyan’s Surrender of Artsakh to Azerbaijan, Harut Sassounian, Horison Weekly, copyrighted


The Story

Armenians around the world are mourning the loss of our sacred land of Artsakh. This is especially painful for them due to their genocidal history that spans over a century, leading to losing two-thirds of their land and people. Ever since, they have been literally fighting for our lives holding onto the small but mighty land they have left.

The diaspora is grieving, but Artsakh Armenians are living a true nightmare- their lives turned upside down in a matter of days, ethnically cleansed from their generational land and uprooted from their homes. This is a story they have lived before.

For the first time ever, there are only about 50 Armenians left in Artsakh today. This was a systematic, strategic plan stretched over 9 months- starting with a blockade of food, aid, electricity and water, and ending with an attack that left Armenians helpless and forced to surrender, ending in Azerbaijani occupation of the land and 120,000 Armenians fleeing in fear of persecution.

The goal of this website is to educate viewers on the humanitarian crisis in Artsakh through visual art, written word, and media coverage. The viewer will have the ability to use their own perspective and lens to interpret history, statistics, information, and feelings told through art. The work is all inspired by Armenia’s loss of Artsakh in some way. I hope it can help raise awareness, funding, and promote healing. 

The Artist and His Mother, Arshile Gorky,, copyrighted 2023 Whitney Museum of American Art 

Concrete Wall

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The Art

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The Inspiration
Activity: Find these inspirations in the Installation work "Mamik and Babik"

Activity: Find the similarities between the 1915 events mentioned in this memoir and the 2023 events mentioned above

Desert Dunes

Great Uncle's Memoir

Installation Work

My Mamik and Babik