Mental Health Matters

stickers with free resources.

This collection is my most personal yet. The pandemic was an extremely difficult time for everyone, and affected each of us differently. Whether we watched someone suffer, lost a loved one, or were impacted in a completely different way, our minds and bodies were thrown into a state of constant fear of the unknown. Personally, coming out of quarantine was more difficult than going into it because I had trained myself to be in constant fear- it felt strange to not be afraid of something. This is when my anxiety started manifesting itself in physical forms that no one could see, yet I could feel, which I think was the scariest part. I quickly learned that millions of people struggle with this all over the world, and it could be the next person you hold the door for. Whether or not you had experienced anxiety before in your life, suddenly the whole world was struggling consciously or subconsciously. This sparked my anxiety recovery journey involving a lot of research and time invested in myself which wasn't something I was used to. I'm hoping that by sharing my story and resources, we can get out of this together. 

With a final year of college being abruptly cut short and quickly shifting into the working remote world, I didn't realize just how much my body and mind had been shocked. I realize this is similar, yet also much lower on the scale compared to others' situations throughout the pandemic, and my heart goes out to all those who suffered/are still struggling. I want everyone to know that your struggle is not too small to talk about, and that what you went through was no small feat. We simply had no choice but to adjust to the world around us, which often meant neglecting our own needs. If this resonates with/helps just one person struggling, everything I have gone through is completely worth it. I used to think I was so unlucky for having anxiety; however I now feel so lucky because I see the world differently and understand people in a whole new way.

As I've discovered mental health resources, I've learned that many are free such as the ones listed; however many are not. It's frustrating that sometimes getting the help you need requires a certain financial status, and often times that goes vise versa. Most of the homeless population are in need of mental health care yet do not have access, cannot afford it, or cannot get employed in order to gain access because of their condition. It is a vicious cycle that needs more attention, especially in this country. We need to take care of each other more. This is why I am donating 100% of proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Health which provides access to mental health care and support, as well as National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Here is a list of specific resources/strategies that have helped me so far: 
Shaan Kassam YouTube videos and book "Fearless"  

The book "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Claire Weekes 

The book "At Last a Life" by Paul David 

Yoga/Meditation (Guided meditations on YouTube)  

Talk Therapy 

Massage Therapy 

Acupuncture ​